Occam’s Razor

by Harry Shearer

Guest Post

Sometimes, even in discussing supposedly Constitutional issues, Occam’s Razor is your friend. In all the back-and-forth about the meaning, value, and threat of certain states of the union flying the Confederate battle flag at official locations, one fact stubbornly remains unspoken: It is the loser’s flag. Losers don’t get to fly their flag, except in their garages. The war could be re-fought; the North has nukes.

Similarly, although the presence of an estimated 300 million privately-owned guns in this country makes the issue of gun violence and control a political hornet’s nest, one simple fact stands out. Hollywood is the place where high-minded liberals campaign for gun control, asserting the legitimacy of limits on the Second Amendment, while relentlessly churning out more pornographic poetry of gun violence, relying on the relative limitlessness of the First Amendment.