How CIVCM Helped Prepare Me for My Internship

By Emilee Ehret

Emilee Ehret headshot

“Thanks to your class, I was able to apply it to my summer internship work. Last summer I interned with Research for Action, a nonprofit organization that does education research. During one of our meetings, a new client that was in the state of Delaware needed advice on how to form community engagement and bring people together to discuss the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). We needed to send three suggestions to the state of Delaware about the best way to accomplish this because it is now mandated for them to hold something for the community and tell them about ESSA. Everyone was throwing out ideas of little small focus groups, but they did not really know how they would accomplish this. After the meeting I went right up to the head of our organization and said, “Hi, my name is Emilee and I am a summer intern here. I took a civic and community engagement class this past spring where we as a class were in charge of creating a forum for the Student Farm Club.” I gathered all the notes that everyone posted and compiled it into one document for him to read over. It looks like how we ran the forum might be one of the suggestions he is going to send to Delaware (with some changes of course). He really liked our class and said what we did was pretty awesome. Thank you for teaching an awesome class this past spring.”